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Rain Cloud Humidifier

Rain Cloud Humidifier

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Introducing our Rain Cloud Humidifier – your ticket to a dreamy night's sleep and a cozy oasis at home! 🌧️✨

Embrace tranquility with the soothing hum of rain, a gentle night lamp, and the purest air. This multi-functional marvel doesn't just humidify; it's your essential oil diffuser, mood-setting night light, and relaxation companion all in one!

  Key Features:

🌈 7 Color Night Lights: Set the mood with your favorite color or let it cycle through the calming spectrum.

🌧️ Rainfall Mode: Immerse yourself in the gentle mist, mimicking the comforting sound of raindrops on your window.

🌬️ Essential Oil Diffuser: Elevate your space with your favorite scents for an extra layer of relaxation.

5-Hour Timer: Set it and forget it! The Rain Cloud Humidifier is designed for convenience and worry-free operation.

🔌 Type C Power Supply: Modern, efficient, and easy to use – because your relaxation shouldn't wait.

🌧️ Rain Switch Button: Choose your rain intensity – from a light drizzle to a comforting downpour – tailor it to your mood.

Transform your space into a sleep sanctuary and let the Rain Cloud Humidifier redefine relaxation. It's more than a device; it's your ticket to better sleep and a cozy corner whenever you need it.

Breathe easy, sleep well. Order your Rain Cloud Humidifier now and bring the magic of rainfall to your home. 🌧️💤

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Key Highlights

Product Parameters

  • Material :PP+ABS 
  • Product size: 164 x 164x261mm
  • Weight:1.87kgs
  • 400ml capacity 
  • 7 LED light
  • Output:DC5V/2A
  • Power:5W
  • Usage area<30 m2
  • Noise <35db
  • 1*Humidifier, 1*Type-C USB cable,
  • 1*User manual 1*brown box

Packaging Information

  • Product N.W.:629.1g
  • Product G.W.:1005g
  • Product size:164*164*261mm 
  • Color box size:190*180*295mm 
  • Carton size:560*400*310mm
  • Carton G.W.:6.9kg Qty/carton:6pcs


Button 1:

  • When the device is turned on, 7 colors night light is automatic changing;
  • Single press button: choice one color light (white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink light and turn off light).
  • Press button 3 seconds: adjust the light to be breathing light.

Button 2:

  • Single press button: turn on the device;
  • Press button 3 seconds: 5 hours timer setting. Press button 3 seconds again, cancel timer setting.

Button 3:

  • When the device is turned on, it's raining and mist;
  • Single press button: adjust rain volume (heavy rain, light rain, no rain);
  • Press button 3 seconds: adjust mist mode


  1. Iron wire - use the iron wire to help the water passing through the small holes;
  2. A small brush - which can be used to clean the impurities;
  3. Type-C cable - which need to be connected with 5V adapter.